Committed Beauty

OUR four Commitments

Veracova commits to products that are SENSORY, HEALTHY, EFFICIENT and NATURAL. Because this is what women expect from their skincare. These commitments drive and define our products formulation.

SENSORY Commitment

Because sensory aspects are paramount

Skincare application should first and foremost be a pleasure gesture. Do you like using products that do not penetrate well or leave your skin sticky ? Probably not. Neither do we.

That is why this is definitely one of our first concerns when developing our products’ formulas. We commit ourselves to offering you products with great textures and nice fragrances so that each application becomes a pleasure gesture.

EFFICACY Commitment

Only the best

Did you ever wonder about the efficacy of the product you were using ? We know we did ! And we don’t want you to have to ask yourself that any longer.

We GUARANTEE THE EFFICACY of our products. How? By using ingredients that have been tested and show real In Vivo efficacy. We use them at the recommended dosage and then, to be 100% sure, we also test our final formulas. And we share those results in all transparencyon our website and on our packs!

SERENITY Commitment

Healthy beauty should really be all there is

At Veracova, we go the extra mile to bring you absolute serenity. We refuse many legally authorized ingredients that we deem harmful or unwelcome in order to prevent the risks of allergies, endocrine disruption, irritations...

This is our « Healthy Beauty » commitment.

Our Hypoallergenic formulas are tested under dermatological control and validated for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones.

We use a third-party database and its grading system as a referral for our ingredients’ selection (EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics database). We refuse any ingredient rated >4 (n.a to fragrances).

When we use fragrances, they are hypoallergenic ones specifically developed to prevent and minimize the risks of allergies.


Skin and Nature friendly

VERACOVA products are formulated to be as natural as possible without any compromise on the previous 3 commitments. That is the reason why our products are over 95% of natural origin and up to 99%.

We advocate healthy and responsible cosmetics, and commit to always display an ethical behavior in all aspects.

Your satisfaction is always our guiding principle.

Ingredients we refuse in our formulas

We simply refuse all ingredients ranked >4 on the EWG Skindeep database.
Basically we refuse all known and suspected nasties to ensure the safest possible formulas.

For the planet

Each purchase made on our website translates into a tree being planted!!

In order to compensate for the CO2 emissions of each purchase, we cooperate with Reforest'Action in planting trees all over the planet. 1 tree stores an average of 150kg of CO2, which is much more than the emissions resulting from the making of most products sold over the internet.

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